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graduation gift ideas
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Graduation gifts
graduation gift

graduation gift ideas

Trends for Graduation Gifts

Parents often complain that they don't have the slightest idea to give their teenage children as graduation gifts. Well, unless you're from another planet, you should be able to pick up the hints your young graduate may have been throwing your way since who knows when. Check out these top graduation gifts:

Cash. Nothing could be better or more practical, really, but many parents still don't trust their children enough to buy this all-purpose gift. So unless you can say you don't care about how this is going to be spent, cash is definitely one of the graduation gifts that would put a smile on your son or daughter's face.

Laptop. You may have provided a desktop computer for your child at home, but face it, teeners do go places and having a laptop is an essential tool these days. Not all graduation gifts are used every day like a laptop computer. This can be a worthwhile investment, especially if you believe that your child deserves it.

Digital camera. One of the most appreciated graduation gifts, a digital camera can be your graduate's most valuable companion for years to come. Choose one with a high number of megapixels and can be connected to different kinds of media. Not only will your child use this for travel, he'll also be able to use it in school or at work.

iPod. If your budget only limits you to affordable graduation gifts, you can give him an iPod or a PDA if he still doesn't have one. Their prices range from $150-$300 and will serve them well for a long time.

Hope chest. It's one of the symbolic graduation gifts for women, and if you and your daughter are the sentimental type, a hope chest can mean much more than a gold watch or a new pair of Blahniks.

Travel. Teenages nowadays appreciate graduation gifts involving trips because it expands their horizons and exposes them to experiences they never dreamed of having. You can find different travel package deals, even voluntourism trips, suitable for whatever budget you have set aside for graduation gifts.

Whether it's to some exotic foreign land or just within the country, you can be sure that your child will bring home with hima wealth of memorable experiences.

There are many other ideas for graduation gifts, and you can plan on what to give according to your budget. High-priced graduation gifts include a car, a cell phone plan, a small refrigerator or an HDTV, or even furniture.

Mid-range graduation gifts can be a watch, a microwave oven, a set of luggage, a stereo, or perhaps some computer peripherals such as a scanner or printer.

Economical graduation gifts, or those priced under $50, can be given by siblings or other relatives such as cousins, aunts, uncles, or grandparents to the graduate.

For boys, a tool box with basic tools, a high-quality pen, a travel bag, a coffeemaker, an organizer, or sports equipment will be highly appreciated; for women, excellent choices can be a scrapbooking set, a self-help or inspirational book, or perhaps a collection of CDs of her favorite music.

college graduation gifts
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Graduation gifts