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graduation gifts
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Graduation gifts
unique graduation gifts

graduation gifts

Creative Graduation Gifts

Your teenage daughter or son probably sees you as a cool and hip parent, so the graduation gifts you might want to consider for him or her should be something out of the ordinary.

You can find graduation gifts that are truly one of a kind if you spend the time planning for it. Below are a few suggestions:

Instead of a regular tour to some country, give him a humanitarian tour. Such a trip will not only provide him with a lot of valuable lessons but may even be good for his soul.

One of the most outrageous graduation gifts parents give their children is their nod for a plastic surgery procedure. If you're going to spend for a gift anyway, you might as well spend it on something your graduate will appreciate.

There's a wide variety of lessons or courses that your graduate can take during summer. These unique graduation gifts are worth the price you'll be paying for because knowledge lasts forever and skills learned can even be used for a future entrepreneurial pursuit.

Pets are graduation gifts that will always be cherished by your graduate. First make sure of what your child really wants as a pet before buying it, and of course keep a few considerations in mind. A pet snake, for instance, may upset grandma, or a pet dog may not be practical if your child is going away for college.

Speaking of going away for college, you'll find that there's a lot of excellent stuff you can give as graduation gifts - items that your child can furnish his or her dorm room with. You can purchase a personal ref, a TV, or a DVD player. But if you want to be a bit more creative, a few examples of unique graduation gifts are a framed artwork or a blown-up photo.

If your child has been dabbling with painting, take one of his paintings and have it framed. Blown-up photos also make excellent graduation gifts. Look for one of his favorite photographs and have it Photoshopped and enlarged. It can be his personal photo or one that he took of a landscape or some memorable place. Have these enlarged on canvas sheets and framed to make unique graduation gifts.

Various types of jewelry also make valuable graduation gifts. If you're planning on buying a ring or ID bracelet, have this engraved with your child's name and the date of his graduation.

If you're looking for simple and inexpensive graduation gifts, one good choice is a scrapbook, especially for a female graduate. You can help her start working on it by providing her with some of her baby pictures and those taken during her school years.

On the sly, you can also burn some CDs of her favorite songs for her - connive with her friends and ask them what they think are you're daughter's favorite artists. These types of graduation gifts cost almost nothing but will entail some time and effort on your part. Nevertheless, it's the least you can do to show your child that you're appreciative of her achievements.

unique graduation gifts
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Graduation gifts